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Raza – Intention to Become an Alim

Posted on May 4, 2010 with No Comments

Asalamulaikum, my name is Raza Ali.

I am 20 years old and in my third year of my alim course.

Alhumdulillah I have made it this far with the blessing of Allah and insha-allah will finish with the blessing of Allah.

There’s nothing more pleasing than knowing what is needed from us as Muslims directly from the sources the Quran and Sunnah, and helping others to do the same.

It all starts from an intention which could even be typing in alim online on the internet but it is the best thing anyone could do for a better Islamic day to day life and to know how to get closer to Allah (swt) and his prophet (saw) for a better day to day hereafter.

Alim Course Online

Posted on April 15, 2010 with No Comments

There is a great draw to taking an alim course online.

In fact, more people search for this than any other method of becoming an aalim.

The question is, how can anyone even fathom becoming an alim online?

My view is, it’s practically impossible to become a full alim with any course on the net.

It just wont work! For starters, alim courses last from between 5 years to a period of up to 8 years depending on what’s included. The normal period is 6 years.

In addition, you need student-teacher interaction to be able to receive that spiritual enlightenment whilst learning.  Although this point seems small, it’s actually one of the biggest, but unless you’re spiritually inclined, you won’t understand the importance of this.

Trust me on this point. You need to have a teacher in front of you to become a good alim. There’s no way you can learn the arabic language, complete the rules of fiqh, learn volumes of fiqh and hadith and learn the quranic translation along with scholarly opinions if you don’t have a teacher in front of you.

Furthermore, you can ask questions and receive answers in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do online.

An alim course online may serve part of a full alim class but definitely not all of it. You may be able to do the beginning parts such as learning basic arabic (Sarf and Nahwa) but I don’t see it progressing past the third year, if that.

No, you definitely need to be with a teacher, even if you do it part time, like I do.

Even missing a single lesson with the benefits of a teacher is a great catastrophe to a true student of Ilm.

Imam Abu Yusuf (student of Imam Abu Hanifa RA) purposely missed the funeral of a member of his family (his son, I think), because he was in the middle of a dars (lesson/class) at that time. The dars was more important to him than the burial of a family member.

So if you’re looking to becoming an alim online, you should know that you wont be taking an alim course as such. It’s better to call it an Islamic course. It just can’t be classified as an alim course which our ulama take 6 years to complete normally.

The normal aalim courses taken in Darul Uloom’s around the world follow the Nizami Silsila which is a specific type of syllabus. This syllabus cannot be taken online, not even if you had mic, speakers and video.

Instead of taking an alim course online, re-think your strategy and consider the darul uloom I have recommended in my topmost post and in the sidebar.

If you feel differently to the statements above, please leave your comments below.