Recommended Part Time Alim Course

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You’ve seen from my previous posts the importance of ‘Talabul Ilm’ with the aid of an alim course.

The time has now come to reveal my no.1 choice for the institution with whom you should undertake the course.

This post is about my recommendation but the site for the recommended darul uloom is here. The name of this darul uloom is ‘Siraj ul Uloom’. It is based in Leyton, North East London. This darul uloom is also known as ‘Lantern of Knowledge’.

First of all, I should point out that this darul uloom operates its alim course on a part time basis. Part time in this case, means, daily attendance but only between the hours of 5 to 8 in the evenings. This will last for a period of 6 years.

This institution caters for all those that cannot attend full time boarding darul ulooms such as those in Bury, Dewsbury and Kent.

So if you work during the daytime or have a family to support, undertaking a part time alim course at this institution is the perfect solution to change the direction of your deen (for the better) without upsetting the established parts of your life (kids and commitments).

My second reason for recommending this darul uloom is its tenacity for upholding and adhering to the recommended ways of teaching throughout the generations. Students sit around benches in front of the teacher. Manners and respect are upheld.

The classes are generally taught in Urdu. If you think learning in English is a good idea, think again – even if you don’t know Urdu to begin with.
With Urdu, you will learn the same way the big ulama of the past have learned and have passed on.

Furthermore, you can get a much better understanding of the arabic language when translated into urdu as compared with direct translation into english. You just can’t express some arabic terms in english as you can with urdu.

Even if you don’t know urdu at this stage, you don’t need to worry. That will be taught to you (along with arabic) and you will also pick it up along the way during your first 2 years. Even students who didn’t know a word of urdu before starting, were eventually translating arabic into urdu like a pro.

Having said that, this darul uloom does translate lessons and books into english for the first year to help new students become accustomed to urdu. With this help, you have no excuse.

So even if there is a darul uloom who is offering to teach an alim course directly into english and at the same time, you don’t know urdu at all, I would still suggest that you undertake an alim course that translates into urdu first.

This darul uloom follows a syllabus known as the ‘nizami syllabus’. It is the same syllabus that has been taught throughout the major darul ulooms across the world for a very very long time.

My third reason for recommending Siraj ul Uloom is: The Great Environment.

When you undertake an alim class, you absolutely must have an environment which is conducive not only for learning, but also for spiritual enlightenment and upliftment.

This darul uloom has great learned teachers who really help the students in all aspects of deen. The relationship between student and teacher is brought closer due to the environment which helps in learning and necessary advice.

Click Here to visit the Jamia Siraj ul Uloom site

When conducting periodic activities, all students join in and form a great environment of brotherhood and harmony. It really is a great place in multiple ways. The atmosphere is generally quite relaxed but everyone knows their limits and what is required of them. Discipline is always maintained.

Classes are generally small and so learning and listening has its benefits.

The kitabs/subject matter studied are the same as those studied at the major full time darul ulooms. Within the first year, students are able to read arabic books such as Qasas un Nabiyyeen as if they’ve been reading arabic for a while beforehand.

I am a student in my second year (at the time of this writing) and I find it a great place to learn and advance my deen while at the same time, working during the day.

I don’t think 6 years of evening class is too long a commitment when you understand the benefits.

If you want to know more about the benefits of becoming a student of Ilm, go to the Jamia Siraj ul Uloom site (link below) and sign up for the newsletter. It has some great ahaadeeth and information on the benefits of Ilm. Some of the hadith will astound you!

If you live in or around London, I would highly recommend that you contact the darul uloom and get an application form from now. New year classes start after Ramadhan. So if you do intend to start, get in early and avoid procrastination, because that’s exactly what shaytaan wants you to do. Eventually, procrastination leads to ‘mind changes’ and not doing anything at all.

Mention my name and I may give you a sweet if you start in arbi awwal!

Here is the Recommended Jamia Siraj ul Uloom Website

Below you will find some other student opinions and reviews.

Hope this helps,


Abdul Hakim Leeches Knowledge From The Ulama

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Assalamu Alaykum,

All praise is to Allah Ta’ala and may peace and blessings be upon our master, Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa salam.

My name is Abdul Hakim (changed). During the day I study Law at university but during the evenings I study in Jamia Siraj ul Uloom. I am currently in Mishkat and in the second year of my degree.

Jamia Siraj ul Uloom is a perfect place for students to come and acquire knowledge of deen. Deen does not consist of just learning knowledge but it also consists of bettering our characteristics.

This is echoed by our principal and respected ustad Hazrat Maulana ***** Sahib (DB) when he reminds us, “You are fooling yourself if you think that you will find everything in books.”

The reality is that knowledge is kept within books but its practicality is shown and embodied in the Ulama. Students who are searching for knowledge must obviously first study books. They then need the practice of that knowledge found in their teachers and as a result, they will then understand how to rectify themselves. Alhamdulillah, such qualities are seen in the teachers of Jamia Siraj ul Uloom.

My respected peers and beloved brothers in deen have highlighted the other virtues. May Allah Ta’ala grant them all acceptance, increase them in their knowledge and actions and count us all from the righteous. Ameen.

Abdus Subhan

Always in need of your dua

First Year Student’s Reaction to The Jamia Alim Course

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Shazed’s take on this alim course gives real insight. Here are his words…

As-salamu alaikum to all readers, I am a first year student and am writing a brief account of my studies to give you some input on how Sirajul Uloom has helped me.

Until the start of this course, I had been through many short courses in Sarf and Nahw, but was unable to move forward, as an average learner I was finding it difficult to carry my study on a one lesson a week basis. I was craving for intensive study. I was searching for a course which I could fit in with my family commitment, employment, and a course which would be affordable for me. I have always desired seeking knowledge, never believed that I would be able to study full time or travel a year abroad for study.

Would you believe it, after years of part time studies, my prayers were answered, I was shown the entrance to Sirajul Uloom, a 6 year intensive Alim course, evening based classes to accommodate mature students and workers like me who would be otherwise unable to attend a full time Darul Uloom, with low, affordable fees, not allowing the global recession to stop us from learning.

I am now on my month number 9, and the Alim course is fast developing me into a Real Muslim, both in terms of knowledge and in practice. I am studying in a traditional manner under inspiring teachers whom have learned under unbroken chain of transmission dating back 1400 years to our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw). We are studying the Dars e Nizami curriculum; it enriches one with grammar and with natural progression. There are regular drills in lesson allowing us to recap on each topic covered previously.

Each evening we study the following subjects:  Tajweed ul Quran, Sarf, Nahwa, Fiqh and Urdu. Amongst the Kitabs studied include asan nahwa, asan sarf, tashheel fiqh, behisti zewar, durusul lughatul arabiya (Madina Books) qasas an nabiyeen, books to come include: safwatul masadir and rowdatul arab.

We have mashallah great, inspiring teachers, whom have studied the Dars e Nizami syllabus, not just in the U.K but in the far continents. They, the teachers inspire and motivate you to keep your learning going. We get to ask questions, these are in addition to our study, allowing us to consolidate our learning.

The course is wholesome, not only does it come with one to one dialogues with our Ustads, fellow colleagues and senior students on higher classes too can be called on for extra support, this is a bonus to attending an institution like Sirajul Uloom. We have Dhikr assembly once a week, where all students gather with the Ustads, and listen to the oral traditions of the messenger Muhammad (saw).

Our year is almost coming to a climax, I am eagerly anticipating the 2nd year with books like Nurul Izah and others.

Sirajul Uloom understands the needs of the youths and adults who crave for knowledge and desire the opportunity to tread the path of the learned. Sirajul Uloom have opened a gateway of opportunity for older students like me who can fit in an Alim course alongside daily work schedule, family commitment, and not to forget the course fees are affordably low.

Respected reader, if you desire to tread the path of sacred knowledge and learn how to live as a human being in today’s world, then…

Note by Amin: Please figure out the rest of his sentence.

Zafar Travels Far Just For This Aalim Course

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Living in South London, I was keen to complete the full 6 year alim course. The part time aalim course at lantern of knowledge has allowed me to both complete my studies whilst having the opportunity to work full time.

Within the London area I found this aalim class to be the most appropriate for brothers working and who have other responsibilities.

With knowledgeable teachers, and enthusiastic students, I feel that this course is ideally suited for people who, for whatever reason, are not able to attend a full time course.

The teachers are all qualified scholars who work with students in teaching classical works both in Arabic grammar and syntax and well as advanced studies in quran and ahadith.

Some of the books that we have studied so far in the first year are easy grammar and syntax, stories of the prophets and the Arabic Medina books series volume 1.

In later years, we will be looking in depth into principles of Islamic theology as well as studies of Quranic verses and narrations of the prophet Muhammad (sallalaahu alahi wa sallam).

I would recommend this alim course to brothers who are unable to attend full time courses and wish to specialize in various fields of Islamic theology.


City Executive Undertakes the Jamia Aalim Course

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My trial period in the Alim programme by Md Murad

Currently, I have almost completed my first year of the aalim course which to my amazement, has flashed past. Being a mature student and having just graduated opened a multitude of doors.

However, I have found my true location in this aalim course which was introduced to me through a couple of brothers who were enrolling for the two week trial period.

The course appealed to me and without undue hesitation I embarked on the course to ascertain whether I could manage alongside other commitments such as being married, having family and working full-time in the city. I was extremely delighted to discover that this course was absolutely ideal due to multiple reasons.

The teaching is facilitated through bite-sized learning which is manageable, saves you from being overwhelmed and from seeking dispensation. The environment is conducive to learning with the traditional learning methods being applied. I have found the environment and the learning experience enriching and spiritually nourishing on a day to day basis.

The attachment with the institute, teachers, brothers, books and learning process have all contributed in upholding my faith and the application of the theory learnt.

In addition, the course material and kitaabs has captivated and lured me in to progressing to the next stage. Furthermore, there are clear progression routes which keep me motivated and allow me to persevere.

I have enjoyed most aspects of the course particularly Arabic and I am incredibly grateful to Allah SWT for having endowed me this fantastic opportunity in seeking ilm.

Undoubtedly, with divine ability, commitment and fierce determination one will develop and progress to become a qualified alim possessing exemplary skills with the overall objective of serving the deen.

There is a great requirement for ulama who are able to contextualise Islam in contemporary Britain with a British level of education and understanding in order for the development of our Muslim communities.

We need to eradicate the deeply rooted ignorance, make rapid changes within our societies and benefit the masses. The wealth of knowledge and expertise acquired throughout this course will be valuable in setting up establishments to preserve sacred learning and produce future huffaz, ulama and daees within our communities.

I earnestly appeal to all brothers to seriously consider this course and endeavour to enrol even though it may initially be for the two week trial period (like myself) which commences at the start of the new academic year after Ramadan.

Furthermore, the fees are relatively affordable in comparison to other institutes.

I cannot emphasize further the significance of seizing the opportunity of enrolling on the aalimi programme and acquiring this sacred knowledge. I pray that you participate in this noble cause.

Wa ma taufeeq illah Billah.

May Allah SWT guide everyone.


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Adnan Has Really Progressed with This Alim Course

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My name is Adnan Ali and I am fifth year student of this Alim course.

I am married and have children. I work in daytime and study in the evening. I also teach some of my family members.

Alhamdulilah by studying in this Alim class it has improved my spirtual life as well as my practical life.

I am in need of your dua’s and may Allah help us all to be steadfast on our deen and to acknowledge the value of this deen.


Jazakallh wassalam

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This Alim Course Takes a U-Turn for Hafiz Mubeen

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I am in the third year of Alim class and I am a Pharmacy student at University. In all honesty, initially I joined this alim course with the intention of leaving after a year, but after studying under such learned personnel, enjoying my learning experience so thoroughly and seeing the transition this experience was making in my life there was no way I could leave!

You may wonder that how do people spend the whole day at work or at University, be married and have families and still have time to spend three hours in madrasah everyday!

Not just that, but homework also! Don’t these people relax!?
Well… that is exactly what I thought. In fact, I worryingly asked my respected teacher during my A-Levels (first year Alim class) that “how am I going to keep up with University and Alim Class at the same time”?

All he replied was ‘Let the time come and we’ll deal with the problem as it comes’ and Alhamdulilah through the infinite grace of Allah (SWT) I and the other Alim class students have come to know that if you sincerely want to seek this sacred knowledge then Allah will divinely open up those doors for you and he will put barakah in your time.

As for studying at the institution under Ulama: it is a joy to study Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic and other Islamic sciences under students of Shaykh Yusuf Motala, Mufti Umar Farooq as well as other scholars who are respected across the globe.

After spending time studying for years under such noble and knowledgeable individuals, the advice and the springs of wisdom of these teachers are invaluable.

Our teachers remind us that you are in this world with a purpose and you only have one shot at life, so be an influential person and leave a legacy behind!… Now what legacy can be better than the legacy left behind by the Ambiyaa (A.S.)?

Thus doing this alim course can really help not only enhance one’s own life but also the lives of others, and therefore inshalah gaining the reward for all those you benefited.

May Allah keep us all steadfast on his deen. Ameen.

Mubeen Ahmed

Farooq is Taking This Aalim Course Seriously

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I am currently a 2nd year university student; alongside my secular studies I am studying the part time aalim course. In the morning I commit my time to attend university lectures and seminars, and in the evening I attend the aalim course. My free time is utilized in out of class room studies and in spending some time with family and friends.

I was told about the evening aalim course by a friend who had already enrolled. At first I thought that it would be ‘too much’.

However, I thought I give it a try. Immediately I was attracted by the traditional Islamic teaching methods and material and Alhamdulillah there was a lot of Barakah (blessing) in my time.

I decided to fully enroll on the aalim course and dedicate myself in seeking this beautiful divine knowledge.

The aalim course has been really interesting and enjoyable. All aspects of religion is covered.

Thus far I have studied Arabic, Fiqh, Seerah, Hadith and the translation of the Quran. Yet there are still many more areas for me to study including tafseer, principles of fiqh and hadith and the famous hadith books.

I would recommend this part time alim course to anyone who is interested. I believe that if you are a committed person, interested in benefiting from the best of both worlds then with the help of Allah the part time aalim course alongside academic learning or work commitments is practicable and manageable.



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Usman Realizes the Importance of this Alim Course

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My name is Usman & I’m 25 years old. I work as teacher in a state secondary school & I am also in my 3rd year of the alim course.

Just before I started the part time alim course, I had a realisation that to learn knowledge was compulsory for every muslim male & female and that ignorance will not be an excuse on the day of judgement. We will be asked about the knowledge that we acquired and how we acted upon it. At the same time I didn’t want to commit myself for a couple of hours every weekday.

I started the alim course and found that this actually helped me to be more organised with my time outside the alim course and made me more focused. The alim course opened up my mind and made me more humble and made me realise how little I actually knew about Islam. It has helped mould me into the individual I now am and has made me get nearer to Allah and increased the love of the prophet (sallalahoalaihiwasalam) and his sunnat.

Alhamdulillah with the duas and efforts of my asaathidha (teachers), Allah has given me the tawfique to carry on studying and I am now in my 3rd year.

Moreover the course is not just set up to give knowledge, but also to spiritually rectify oneself through the guidance of our respected ulama within the darul uloom.

After nearly completing my 3rd year of the alim course I have realised that knowledge is not cheap. The religious knowledge is what the ambiya (prophets, peace be upon them) left behind, one who acquires this knowledge acquires great wealth. Sacrificing a couple of hours every evening for the sake of Ilm was worth it & I have no regrets.

I make dua that Allah Ta’aala accept the efforts of my asaathidha, accept the institution and accept me to continue studying and utilize me for the khidmat of deen


Mohammad Usman Butt

The Knowledge Gained From This Part Time Alim Course

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What can you do with the Ilm gained from the part time alim course taught at this Darul Uloom? In case you don’t know what Darul Uloom I’m talking about, see my top-most post (on home page) or the link in the sidebar.

Hafiz Mobeen, a third year student feels very confident about the aspects of deen he is learning.

So much so, he has started to give lectures on topics he has learned.

To listen to one of his talks, click on the following link…

Hafiz Mobeen Talk